We want you to be happy with the canvas product that we fabricate for you.  When you purchase from us, we warranty the product to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of installation (or delivery).  See our Terms and Conditions for more information on our warranty.

If you have a problem with a product purchased from us, please contact us.  We’re happy to make it right for you.

Considering the Elements

Most cover failures result after years of exposure to the sun.  The weakest link in most canvas products is the thread.  In fact, most of the repair work we see is from thread that has degraded in UV light.  When the thread fails, the pieces held together by the thread will pull apart and the piece quickly becomes unusable.  If the thread held for the life of the canvas, the part would not have to be repaired.  For this reason, I discuss thread options with clients (more on this below).

Long Life – Built in

Fabricating a canvas product that has a long, reliable life begins by choosing products that are specifically intended for many years in the elements.  At Concord Custom Canvas, we only use products that are specifically designed to spend many years of life as a boat cover.

The most common canvas we use is Sunbrella, which offers an industry leading 10-year warranty against fading and reduction in strength under normal conditions of use.  Binding is also usually Sunbrella, so it offers the same lifetime as the canvas.  The basic thread we use is a UV resistant, anti-wicking (meaning it won’t leak water through seams) polyester thread that offers a good combination of long-life with high strength.  Lifetime thread, which features a life longer than any canvas products on the market, may also be used.

Strength – Built in

We also design the covers to be strong and reliable by using products and techniques to ensure strength.  The only zippers we use are heavy duty #10 zippers.  Critical seams are generally double stitched to ensure the integrity of the seam.  In areas where fraying may be an issue later, we hot knife the canvas.  This makes the fibers of the canvas seal to each other an makes for a very strong seam.

*Note the following exceptions: In cases where CCC uses material(s) provided by the client, no warranty is provided.  Products that are used for industrial or commercial purposes are also excluded from this warranty.